A history of the Qwathi people from earliest times to 1910 / by Mlungisi Ndima.
Thesis (M.A. (History)) - Rhodes University, 1989.

The war of Ngcayecibi, 1877-8 / by Michael Wolseley Spicer.
Thesis (M.A. (History)) - Rhodes University, 1978

The diary of C.L. Stretch : a critical edition and appraisal / by Grahame Bruce Crankshaw.
Thesis (M.A. (History)) - Rhodes University, 1960.

A history of the Xhosa c1700 to 1835 / by Jeffrey Brian Peires.
Thesis (M.A. (History)) - Rhodes University, 1976.


The following theses are available as free downloads from EThOs, the electronic theses store of the British Library. You will need to register in order to do so.

A History of the Mfengu of the Eastern Cape 1815-1865 / Moyer, R. A.
(Ph.D. thesis: University of London, 1976)

The colonization of Queenstown (Eastern Cape) and its hinterland, 1852-1886 / Bouch, R. J.
(Ph. D thesis: University of London, 1990).


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