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Genealogical Sites

British 1820 Settlers to South Africa
"This Genealogy website is a totaly free website, dedicated to the British Settlers to South Africa in 1820, their descendants and researchers. All the information has been generously supplied or posted by the members of this website."

Genealogy, Albany Museum, Grahamstown
The Genealogy Department was established as a separate entity within the History Division of the Museum in 1983 and has since been staffed by a succession of professional research officers. Research is the main function of the Department, and is carried out by our professional genealogist, who is also able to compile family histories, together with the appropriate heraldry. The current fees for these services are available on request. There is a list of useful links.

Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA)
GISA collects and preserves genealogical sources, and conducts genealogical research. Registration is free. GISA has joined the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU). The affiliation gives researchers at GISA access to a large number of sources, within South Africa, as well as abroad. GISA publishes the South African Genealogies series. There is a library. Includes books for sale.

Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA)
GSSA promotes and facilitates interest and research in genealogy and family history. Substantially more content is available for registered members; registration is free. There are 10 branches in the main centres throughout South Africa. Publications include the quarterly journal, Familia, which has an online index at Familia Subject Index from 1964 to 2009. There is e-SAGI Electronic SA Genealogical Index. The 'virtual GSSA', is at the eGSSA pages

German South African Resource Page
This page is dedicated to various issues relating to German South Africans, including genealogy, local history and church matters. Where ever possible, identical pages have been made available in English and German. Maintained by Joachim Schubert.

South African Genealogy
A very useful website with FAQs, guides for beginners, glossaries of terms, bibliographies, online links and many other resources. Maintained by Conrod Mercer.

Rootsweb mailing lists Click on the links below for more information about the South African lists.

Southern African genealogy and related topics. Additional information on tracing your South African roots can be found on the South African Genealogy web page

South African genealogy for information that will help to provide a historical context.

Genealogy and history of South Africa as well as those countries and regions connected to its various migrations. The primary language for the list is Afrikaans but we accept posts in other languages including English, Dutch, and German.

Immigration from the United Kingdom to South Africa prior to 1900.

Historical, passenger and genealogical data related to post World War II emigration to South Africa (mainly the period 1948-1961)

Topic: A mailing list for anyone with an interest in family history in Cape Town, South Africa, Additional information can be found on the Cape Town Mailing List

For genealogical, cultural or historical information on the province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Transkei area of Eastern Cape province, Republic of South Africa.

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