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relating to environmental sustainability

Rhodes University is committed to promoting environmental sustainability through community engagement, as well as through teaching, learning and research. Questions and suggestions relating to environmental sustainability are encouraged:

    • Questions: the Rhodes University Environmental Committee is glad to assist where possible in responding to queries regarding environmental concerns, initiatives and projects at the University or in the wider community. Send your comments or questions to: environment(at)
    • Suggestion Box: do you have any ideas which could help Rhodes University become more environmentally friendly? If so, please send us your suggestions via this 'Environmental Suggestion Box' - email: environment(at)

You may find the information you require by visiting:

  • Resources: this link provides information about organisations and resources that support efforts to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Action: this link provides information and guidelines for practical actions that promote environmental sustainability at Rhodes University and in the wider community.

RU Environment Mailing List

Environment Mailing List is an inclusive forum for sharing constructive tips and information about activities, projects or events of an environmental nature, affecting the University and wider community. All emails are moderated.

Go to the Rhodes University ENVIRONMENT front page. Suggestions/Questions? Contact environment(at)

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