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RU Environmental Committee Working Groups

The Environmental Committee has three working groups that carry out the committee's mandate to facilitate, where possible, the implementation of the University's Environmental Policy. 

  • Green Fund Working Group
    Mandate: To enlist the support of necessary experts in further conceptualising, designing, steering and implementing the Rhodes University Green Fund  and Green Challenge. 
    - Contact the Convenor: environment@ru.ac.za

  • Environmental Awards Working Group
    Mandate: To raise awareness and promote environmentally sustainable practices on campus through annual Environmental Awards.

    - Members include: Dr Tiffany Pillay, Ms Leticia Greyling and Prof. Joanna Dames
    - Contact the Convenor: Dr Tiffany Pillay t.pillay@ru.ac.za 
  • Policy Implementation Working Group
    Mandate: To raise awareness of the Rhodes University Environmental Sustainability Policy in every department and division, drawing attention to the policy principles and procedures, identifying issues and providing guidance and support to stakeholders in developing relevant protocols and procedures for implementation. The working group will also establish systems for monitoring and evaluation of the Policy implementation.

    - Members: Mr H Gess, Prof J Coetzee, Mr E Engelbrecht, Dr R Klein, Prof P Machanick, Dr S Mantel, Ms T Menze,   
                            Prof I Schudel, Mr D van Dyk, SRC Environmental Councillor.
    - Contact the Convenor: Prof I Schudel i.schudel@ru.ac.za

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