Sustainable Living Support and Sharing Network

Please share any tips or advise that you may have for sustainable-everyday living to


Support Local:

Farmbox: Vegetables, free-range chicken 

TipTop Butchery: Call ahead and arrange meat orders in pre-delivered containers

Pick 'n Pay: Now sell re-usable cloth bags for fruit and vegetable purchases

Pick 'n Pay: biodegradable clear & black refuse bags (where alternatives are exhausted)



There are numerous organisations and resources in the Makana district, South Africa and internationally, that work in various ways to promote environmental sustainability. These are listed below in alphabetical order. Visit the links to find out more:

  • Biofuelwatch: promoting bioenergy from sustainable sources only.

  • Climate change: links to a small selection of information resources.

  • EIGSA: Earthworm Interest Group SA providing worm farming info and advice.

  • Eco-Logical: tips on how to think and live eco-logically

  • Eco products: link to list of some eco products.

  • Global Stewards: tips for sustainable living.

  • Greenworks: South African environmental site with plenty of info and links.

  • Green Building SA: info on environmentally-friendly building, including South African Journal of Green Building.

  • Green Times: SA's green news portal.

  • Planet Ark: tips for reducing day to day impacts on the environment. 

  • SA Solar Challenge: promoting the design, management, building and racing of solar-powered vehicles across South Africa.

  • Solien Energy Solutions: promoting sustainable energy and water.

  • Urban Sprout: online community providing updates on green events, eco-friendly products, energy and food-related activism.

  • WWF-SA: World Wide Fund for Nature (was World Wildlife Fund) in South Africa.



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