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Many Rhodes University staff and students - including the SRC environmental portfolio - are involved in various forms of action in response to climate change. Want to to raise awareness and promote meaningful change? 

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Dreamer awaken!

This universe is happening
right here , right now
at this
moment we are mirroring
the ideas we find billowing like thunderclouds
Right now lightning is simultaneously striking one hundred places on the earth’s surface
Great things are happening
Something new is arising
A decentralised spontaneous uprising
Almost one million groups under different names coming together to reclaim and replace
Old habits in their death throes
That are pulling us down with them like those on death row
Come instead to the life edge
The knife edge
Reading books like hope’s edge
Clinging to the ledge debating the pledge for the plunge
Into the unknown
These systems need outgrown
Ideas be out-flown
Some unique tone
Vibrates to the bones
Shifts stones
Trees lean over and the wind freezes over just not to miss a word
We speak soft we’ll be heard
This is unprecedented
We are calling down the storm that will re-green the desert
As biological beings we are scientifically proven to only be able to see
What fits in with our mental map of reality
Therefore the only thing that matters
To those discontent with the status quo
Is changing our minds, starting acting to create the kind of world
we want to find, World systems are collapsing
on a scale unimaginable
time to start thinking radically
Community unity
Our planets immunity depends on this unity
Experts call it synergy
One hundred million stars in our galaxy
One hundred million neurons firing in our brains
Creativity unleashed
What if we are the change we have been waiting for
Commit yourself
Matter self-organises
I assure you
This universe conspires to help those that inspire, it don’t want to expire
It wants to express itself
Its called the inner fire
Its called cou-rage
Heart rage
Its called blessed unrest, we find ourselves engaged
On the world stage
Lead actors no practice
We got to do what comes naturally
On gut level we know what to do
You know what to do
Know what I’m going to do
I’m going to stand before white-house and shout this
I’m taking this to the five corners of the world
Not by plane that could be insane
I’m going to walk my way
Talk my way
Ride in a train
Change people’s frames
Of reference
Bow down in deference
We are the messengers
Of the global idea
Who’s time

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