Rhodes University Energy Saving Guidelines

Staff, students and citizens are encouraged to follow these energy saving guidelines:

  • Switch off lights when not needed / when you leave the room.
  • Switch off heaters and other appliances when not needed / when you leave the room.
  • Use fans instead of air conditioners (or set air con temp no lower than 22oC).
  • Hang washing on the clothes line instead of using a tumble dryer.
  • Report excessive heating / cooling in computer laboratories to the IT Division Public Lab Administrator (Zanele Silala x8674 / z.silala(at)ru.ac.za).
  • Use CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting) to save energy (instead of incandescent light bulbs). NB: CFLS require safe disposal practices .
  • Computer monitors should be set to go on standby / switch off when not in use.
  • Shut down computer overnight (a computer monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to laser print 800 pages).
  • Close doors and windows and ensure they are properly sealed.
  • Unplug cell phone chargers, etc, when not in use.
  • Set geyser thermostat at 55oC. Install geyser blankets and insulate all external hot water pipes.
  • Shower instead of bath (a shower uses one fifth of the energy of a standard bath).
  • Movement sensor lamps outdoors are better than lights left on all night.
  • Electric blankets use less energy than heaters.
  • Not permitted in residences: bar heaters, toasters, snackwich makers, electric frying pans, immersion heaters, fridges, TV braais, hot plates, and other appliances with high electricity demand.


Last Modified: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 10:01:11 SAST