There are Box-Rooms available in each Residence for students to leave their belongings during vacations when they need to pack up their rooms. The keys to the Box-Rooms are handled ONLY by the Hall Warden, House Warden and Sub-Wardens of each Residence. 

  • Please note that all items left in the Box-Rooms are left at your own risk. The House Warden and Sub-Wardens will not be held responsible for any damages or loss.
  • No luggage or boxes etc. are to be left on the landings or in passages
  • No Box-Room keys are ever be made available to Conference Wardening Staff.
  • No Box-Rooms are opened during any vacation. Returning students requiring access to their belongings in Box-Rooms prior to the official commencement of the first term (i.e. Orientation Week or before) must arrange to do so in advance with the relevant House Warden and Sub-Wardens.
  • Please securely seal your boxes, trunks, and label your belongings clearly.
  • Number your boxes and record your belongings on the list on the Box-Room door. If you do not put your boxes in the Box-Rooms during the vacations and leave them in the passages they will be donated to charity.
  • All items left in the Box-Rooms will be kept until the end of the second term vacation and thereafter will be donated to charity there unless alternative arrangements have been agreed to in email correspondence with the House Warden.
  • Please take note of the Box-Room Protocol.

END OF TERM: (Second and Fourth terms only; or short vacations if Residences are being used).

If your Residence is being used during the vacation:

  • Please ensure that you have signed up for Box-Room regardless if you require to use Box-Room. The Residence Sub-Wardens will use this time to assist you with your room check that must be completed before you leave (for each Vacation period). Anything found missing or damaged will be charged to your account.
  • All Room Keys are to be handed in when you leave. Students will be fined for not signing out and/or not leaving their room keys at Residence. Students being in a rush to catch buses or other transport will not be accepted as an aggravating factor.
  • Any missing keys are to be reported to the Warden/Hall Administrator and the replacement will be charged to your account.


Anything left behind and not fetched by you before the end of the 1st vacation (April of the following year) will be disposed of.

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