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The third week of January 2015 saw the release in print of the fourth edition of Kerr’s The Law of Sale and Lease, authored by Associate Professor Graham Glover. Professor Glover had been requested to continue the legacy of Professor Kerr’s books by Prof Kerr himself before he became ill and passed away in 2010, and this new edition is the first of Prof Kerr’s books (which will retain his name in the title) that has been revised by a new author. Sale and Lease is one of the leading monographs on these two fundamentally important areas of law in South Africa. The book has been extensively modernised and revised to take into account more than a decade of new material and legal developments since the last edition was published in 2004. In particular, the book analyses the key pieces of legislation that have added a layer of complexity to what were traditionally subjects dominated by common-law analysis: the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act and the amended Rental Housing Act. The book’s release continues the long tradition of research output for which the Rhodes Faculty of Law is renowned: it had the distinction of being cited in a judgment of the High Court within two weeks of its release.