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Associate Professor Rosaan Kruger

BA (Hons), LLB (Potch), PGCHE (Rhodes), PhD (Rhodes)
Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
Email: r.kruger@ru.ac.za

Rosaan Kruger lectures Constitutional Law to LLBII and Legal Theory II students. She was appointed at Rhodes University in 2001.  Her term as Dean of the Faculty commenced in July 2014 and ended in July 2020. Her research for her PhD considered the application of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act 4 of 2000 at the level of the magistrates’ courts with specific reference to complaints of racism. She continues her work on discrimination law and its impact on social change.  Rosaan's other research interests include constitutional law theory and constitutional litigation. 




Her publications include:

‘The (in)significance of the common law.  Constitutional interpretation and the Mansingh judgments’ (2014) SALJ 233.

‘The genesis and scope of academic freedom in the South African Constitution’ (2013) 8 Kagisano 5.

With Avinash Govindjee ‘The recognition of unenumerated rights in South Africa’ (2012) 27 SAPL 195.

‘Small steps to equal dignity: the work of the South African equality courts’ (2011) Equal Rights Review 27.

‘Equality and unfair discrimination: refining the Harksen test’ (2011) 3 South African Law Journal 479.

‘The buck stops here:  the Eastern Cape High Court and Costs Orders in Litigation Against Organs of State (2011) Speculum Juris 72.

With Avinash Govindjee ‘The Basic Structure Doctrine Debate:  South African Explorations’ in SS Jain and S Narayan (eds) Basic Structure Constitutionalism Revisiting Keshavananda Bharati (2011).

With Avinash Govindjee ‘A question of interpretation: a comparative study of “unenumerated” rights recognition in India and South Africa” (2011) 4 ILS Law Review 126.

‘The South African constitutional court and the rule of law:  the Masethla judgment, a cause for concern?’ (2010) 13 Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 3.

‘Of Fences and Peace between Neighbours’ (2009) Obiter 360.

She also contributes a chapter on Family Law Procedures to the Family Law Service (LexisNexis).


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