The Faculty has launched a gender-based violence and COVID/19 support campaign.

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STOP GBV Face Mask
STOP GBV Face Mask

This initiative was inspired by the story of a grade 7 pupil from Kwa Zulu-Natal, who was raped on the way home after she had to return to collect her face mask. It is a terrible experience for any child to be denied access to the school's premises, on account of not having a face mask. Nomalanga Mashinini, a lecturer in the faculty who drove this initiative, hopes that the donations can equip school teachers with a set of masks in case any learner arrives at school without a face mask. 

The following schools are the recipients of face masks for the first phase of our drive:

  1. Fikizolo Public Primary School
  2. George Dickerson Primary School
  3. St. Mary's RC Primary School
  4. NV Cewu Public Primary School
  5. Tantyi Public School

All face masks are embroidered "STOP GBV" and "STOP RAPE". We cannot be silenced, not by GBV, and not by COVID/19. 

Through this initiative, we will also support a local business, Campus Concepts, which produced 600 of these masks.

Watch this video to find out how you can get involved.