Dr Rosaan Kruger

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  • ‘The genesis and scope of academic freedom in the South African Constitution’ (2013) 8 Kagisano 5.
  • With Avinash Govindjee ‘The recognition of unenumerated rights in South Africa’ (2012) 27 SAPL 195.
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  • ‘Equality and unfair discrimination: refining the Harksen test’ (2011) 3 South African Law Journal 479.
  • ‘The buck stops here:  the Eastern Cape High Court and Costs Orders in Litigation Against Organs of State (2011) Speculum Juris 72.
  • With Avinash Govindjee ‘The Basic Structure Doctrine Debate:  South African Explorations’ in SS Jain and S Narayan (eds) Basic Structure Constitutionalism Revisiting Keshavananda Bharati (2011).
  • With Avinash Govindjee ‘A question of interpretation: a comparative study of “unenumerated” rights recognition in India and South Africa” (2011) 4 ILS Law Review 126.
  • ‘The South African constitutional court and the rule of law:  the Masethla judgment, a cause for concern?’ (2010) 13 Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 3.
  • ‘Of Fences and Peace between Neighbours’ (2009) Obiter 360.
  • She also contributes a chapter on Family Law Procedures to the Family Law Service (LexisNexis).

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