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Lovedale Collection

The Lovedale Collection was first deposited in the Cory Library in 1961 by the Mission Council of the Free Church of Scotland. The Lovedale Collection offers a comprehensive coverage of the history of the Lovedale Missionary Institution including the Lovedale Press.

Lovedale Missionary Institution was founded in 1841 by the Glasgow Missionary Society as a place for higher education for Africans. Lovedale was named in honour of Rev. Dr. John Love, the first Chairman of the Glasgow Missionary Society. In its first hundred years, Lovedale went through only four principals: Rev. William Govan (1841-1870),  Rev. Dr. James Stewart (1870-1905), Rev. Dr. James Henderson (1906-1930), and Rev. Dr. Arthur West Wilkie (1932-1942).  Robert HW Shepherd (1942-1955), author of Lovedale South Africa: the story of a century, 1841-1941, became the fifth principal in 1942.

Lovedale Press was established as a small printing press at Chumie (Tyumie) Mission in 1823 under Rev. John Ross of the Glasgow Missionary Society. The Press was destroyed during the Frontier War of 1834-5 and a second press was set up in 1839, which was in turn destroyed during the War of the Axe (1846-7). The Lovedale Press in its present form dates from 1861.

Lovedale Press was introduced as a means of advancing missionary activities and as a step towards educating South African blacks. It provided a vehicle for South African black authors to publish their work and was a pioneer in printing African literature. Also, it allowed blacks to receive training as apprentices in printing and book binding.

Lovedale Press concentrated on publishing evangelical and educational material. One of the earliest projects was the translation of the Xhosa Bible. Among the earliest works produced were hymn books, school reading books and other Christian literature.

The Lovedale Press collection includes manuscripts and published works of many significant Black authors including AC Jordan, HIE Dhlomo, DDT Jabavu, JJR Jolobe, SEK Mqhayi, HM Ndawo, AZ Ngani, ST Plaatje, GB Sinxo, TB Soga, and Victoria Swaartbooi.
The collection also includes tonic sol-fa and staff notation scores of such composers as MM Moerane, RT Caluza, E Sontoga, EAJ Monaisa, and B Tyamzashe.

The University of Cape Town Libraries' Manuscripts and Archives division holds the following:

BC 106 THE JAMES STEWART PAPERS presented to UCT Libraries by Dr and Mrs W Lennox Gordon, revised list edited and compiled by Russell Martin, 1979.

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