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Rootsweb mailing lists are an initiative. There are various mailing worldwide mailing lists for the support of genealogical research. Click on the links below for more information about browsing the archives of the South Africa lists and for instructions on how to join.

Southern African genealogy and related topics. Additional information on tracing your South African roots can be found on theĀ 
South African Genealogy web page

South African genealogy for information that will help to provide a historical context.

Genealogy and history of South Africa as well as those countries and regions connected to its various migrations. The primary language for the list is Afrikaans but we accept posts in other languages including English, Dutch, and German.

Immigration from the United Kingdom to South Africa prior to 1900.

Historical, passenger and genealogical data related to post World War II emigration to South Africa (mainly the period 1948-1961)

Topic: A mailing list for anyone with an interest in family history in Cape Town, South Africa, Additional information can be found on the Cape Town Mailing List

For genealogical, cultural or historical information on the province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Transkei area of Eastern Cape province, Republic of South Africa.

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