Bulelwa Faya

Bulelwa is a masters student and a member of the CSSR. She originates from Cape Town and moved to Makhanda for higher education. She majored in Psychology and Sociology for her undergraduate studies. She completed her honours degree at Rhodes University in Development studies focusing on the broader topic of Healthism and narrowing it to looking into the access of working class students on financial aid to holistic health interventions in Grahamstown.

She is also a Mandela-Rhodes Foundation scholar. She is currently working on her masters dissertation focusing on embodiment, autonomy, agency and issues of visibility, especially in regards to marginalized bodies. Her thesis is entitled: Embodiment and visibility: My Body My Choice, fostering a culture of visibility, representation and self-affirmation through body positive campaigns.

The research uses the Foucauldian post-structural approach in an attempt to speak to the understandings and experiences of past participants of the MBMC campaign at Rhodes University. It focuses on issues of visibility, which bodies are marginalized, which ones are celebrated, and how they navigate both the campaign and everyday life at Rhodes university as a microcosm of society. Her thesis is supervised by Dr Tracey Feltham-King and Professor Catriona Macleod.


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