Students Environmental Action at Rhodes University

Rhodes University is committed to promoting sustainable practices - this requires the support and commitment of staff and students.

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Student Action for Sustainability:

As future leaders, our students carry a responsibility to embrace learning and leading to a sustainable future. Their commitment, critical thinking, innovation and action are vital! Follow the link: What is sustainability

  • Environmental Representatives: Follow this link for info on these House Committee members who help get residences and halls actively involved in environmental activities.

  • Action for Sustainability: Follow this link for info on action - water-wise, energy-wise, waste-wise, biodiversity-wise, travel-wise, buying-wise, and more.

Student Societies and Support Groups:

  • Common Ground: Engaging with the soil, growing good food.

  • Children Of The Soil: COTS promote self-empowerment, environmental sustainability and resilience.

  • Enactus: Creating community development projects that put people's own ingenuity and talents at the centre of improving their livelihoods.

  • SOAR: Students' Organisation for Animal Rights aims to foster an understanding of the broader impact of our lifestyle choices.

  • Galela Amanzi: Xhosa for "Pour the Water", they raise funds to install rainwater tanks in neutral areas in previously underserviced communities thus providing access to a sustainable supply of clean water.

  • Legal Activism - Environmental: The Environmental Portfolio of the Rhodes Legal Activism Society raises awareness of environmental law and its implications for communities.

  • WildREACH: Conservation through knowledge - promoting social and environmental sustainability through outings & wildlife projects.

  • SRC Environmental Councillor - srcenvironmental(at)ru.ac.za - should support RU Environmental Reps in their activities. The SRC Environmental Councillor

      1. Shall represent the SRC on the RU Environmental Committee.
      2. Shall engage with the University on the implementation of RU’s Environmental Sustainability Policy.
      3. Co-ordinates all environmental programmes on behalf of the SRC.
      4. Promotes environmental awareness within the hall system and across campus in general.
      5. Promotes the incorporation of environmental issues within the curriculum by liaising with the Academic Councillor.
      6. Assists students on any initiatives relating to environmental affairs.

What is Sustainability? 

Rhodes University understands that we need to live within the limits of what natural ecosystems can provide, so that other people and future generations can also have access to these resources. 

"Sustainable"comes from the words "sustain" and "able". The continuity of healthy, diverse and productive natural ecosystems - such as rivers, grasslands and forests - enables us to live well on this planet. 

"Socio-ecological perspective" of sustainability: We recognise the interconnectedness of the human social world and natural ecosystems. This means that our ability to lead a good life – have clean air, drinkable water and healthy food, as well as opportunities to learn, generate income, and live in a peaceful and just society - is intimately linked to how we relate to and care for the natural world.

Biologically diverse and resilient ecosystems are essential for human well being, sustainable development and poverty eradication. By polluting and over-exploiting the planet's natural resources, the security of our future on this planet is seriously undermined. 

Go to the Rhodes University ENVIRONMENT front page. Suggestions/Questions? Contact environment(at)ru.ac.za


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