Rhodes University Green Fund and Green Challenge

Given the global environmental challenges around the environmental impacts of humans at local, regional and planetary scales, the Rhodes University Green Fund (RUGF) aims to stimulate learning and practice in environmental sustainability so as to make Rhodes University and Grahamstown a model sustainable town in southern Africa.

The objectives of the RU Green Fund are to support learning and practice in respect of water, energy, waste, carbon footprint, biodiversity, green buildings, responsible purchasing, sustainable travel, and sustainability education. 

In order to implement the aims of the Green Fund, Rhodes University is committed to activities in the following areas: (1) Fundraising, (2) Networking, collaboration, awareness raising and outreach, (3) Knowledge creation and information exchange, (4) Influencing University Policy, and (5) Curriculum.

Donate to Green Fund  Businesses are invited to endorse the Rhodes University Green Fund and Green Challenge. Financial donations made to the Green Fund may attract tax benefits in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Rhodes University has a Broad-based BEE rating.  

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