Rhodes University Green Fund Run 2011

The second RU Green Fund Run on Saturday 8 October was a great success, drawing support from students, staff and the wider community. The event, aimed at raising funds for the Rhodes University Green Fund, started in Lucas Avenue, between the Makana Botanical Gardens entrance and the Cycle of Life sculpture.

The festive crowd set off in the cooler part of the day, amid much cheering and laughter. Colourful outfits and batons, even kids and canines, were all part of the fun. The amazing Formula 21 team (Sisa Camagu, Basie Bonaparte and Tana Simphiwe) once again set a blistering pace and snatched first place for the second year. Next across the line was Cullen Bowles 1 team (William Hkunge, Matt van der Vegte and Inotila Nghaamwa), followed by Cullen Bowles 2 team (Blake Brody, Shaun Letswee and Ntokozo Sibanda).

The Best Baton Prize was awarded to the Green Squad team (Calata House – previously know as Hilltop 3) members Brad Gehring, Jaques Moolman and Deane Lindhorst for their symbol of sustainability, a wheelbarrow load of carbon-capturing spekboom. Their residence recently won a RU Environmental Award for their active role in planting vast amounts of this now famous Eastern Cape thicket plant, which gobbles up carbon at an amazing rate. Judges Robert Haxton (Drama Dept) and John Walters (Fine Art Dept) made special mention of Sam Schramski and The Invasive Villains for a “striking and interesting looking costume”. Best Dressed Prize went to Nomzamo Kheswa, Matsepo Motsetse and Juanita Fuller of The Social Movement for “all the right things ... innovation, commitment!”

All runners and walkers crossing the finishing line received a spekboom truncheon to plant at home. They could also join the winners in a tree-planting ceremony in the garden of the nearby Environmental Learning Research Centre. Continuity announcer Steven Lang congratulated all who took part in promoting sustainability, noting that in the Green Fund Run, “everyone is a winner”! 

Green Fund Run 2011 Start (A Mulder)  ‌11-10-08 Green Fund Run start: They’re off! Formula 21 team leads the pack at the start of the Green Fund Run. (Photograph Andrea Mulder)

View a video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCUiG_s_CoY

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