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Thicket Forum The Thicket Forum – formed in 2004 by a group affectionately known as "Thicketeers" – is an affiliation of people from all walks of life with a shared interest in Subtropical Thicket and biodiversity. Thicket - also known as Valley Bushveld - is one of South Africa’s major ecosystems, and contains exceptionally high numbers of different plant species compared to other ecosystems. Many of these plants are found nowhere else in the world. Thicket provides habitat for many animal species, and provides people with food, medicines, fuel-wood, culturally-important plants and beautiful landscapes for recreation. More than 70% of Thicket has been degraded or removed, so many of these unique plant species and their valued uses are under threat.

The Thicket Forum has an annual meeting, co-hosted by Rhodes University's Department of Environmental Science and the Living Lands Group (based in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site) - all are welcome to attend. Researchers, managers, farmers, rural communities and other interested parties discuss the sustainable management of Thicket, with the aim of conserving our natural heritage for future generations of South Africans.

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