Recycling Biodegradable Waste

In line with its Environmental Sustainability Policy, Rhodes University strives to promote opportunities, initiatives and measures that enable the university to minimise its waste generation wherever possible, promote re-use, recycling and composting.

Kitchen waste and garden waste are biodegradable. Why throw it away when it can be recycled into valuable compost and other useful by-products that improve the soil ... a big plus for gardening and food security.

Organic waste management at Rhodes University

  • Outdoors: Grounds and Gardens manages collection and disposal of domestic and organic waste & facilitates the outsourced function of recycling

  • Kitchens: Food Services manages collection and disposal of food waste.

Individual Initiatives

  • Worm Farming: you are encouraged to have a Worm Farm - indoors or outdoors. It's easy and highly rewarding! More info: Worm Farming

  • Indoor Bokashi Bin: Start your own easy indoor Bokashi bin. More info

  • Garden compost heap: Use a small area in your garden for green waste, and keep it damp - this readily attracts indigenous earthworms (which burrow in the soil). More info Garden compost heap

  • Support local composters: take GARDEN WASTE ONLY to Complete Compost in the Industrial Area.


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