Professor Enyinna Nwauche delivers paper on 'Ritual Slaughter' at Harvard Law School

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Professor Nwauche continues to fly the faculty's flag high. He recently delivered a paper at the Harvard Workshop on Animals in Comparative Constitutional Law' held between 18-19 February 2016 at the Harvard Law School in the United States.

The workshop was organised and sponsored by Harvard Law School’s Animal Law & Policy Program together with the Islamic Legal Studies Program. The main theme was the intersection of animals, religion, and constitutional law. Papers delivered ranged from constitutional theory, institutional design, and case studies grounded in the constitutional experiences of various jurisdictions or regions. In addition to this, topics also addressed issues of religious law, such as the relevance of the halal and kosher debates to constitutional developments regarding animals. As usual, Professor Nwauche represented Rhodes Faculty of Law ably and presented a paper titled 'The Right to Ritual Slaughter in Africa'.