Health and Safety Committees at Rhodes University

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993), Rhodes University has formally constituted Health and Safety Committee

Six (6) sub-committees report to this main committee. The sub-committees accommodate the diversity of working environments on campus. 

The purpose of health & safety committee meetings with the employer is to initiate develop, promote, maintain and review measures to ensure employees’ health and safety. 


Membership of Health & Safety Sub-committees:

  1. Housekeeping - Chair: Mr Anton Kivitts; Deputy: t.b.a; committee members: H&S reps in Housekeeping, CCS.

  2. Food Services - Chair: Cleopatra Songwiqi; committee members: H&S reps in Food Services, kitchens. 

  3. Maintenance - Chair: t.b.a; Deputy: Mr Barry Hartley; committee members: H&S reps in maintenance sections, grounds, workshop workplaces.

  4. Office - Chair: Mr Mbuleli Mpokela; Deputy: t.b.a.; committee members: H&S reps in office workplaces. 

  5. Laboratory - Chair: Ms Andrea King; Deputy: t.b.a; committee members: H&S reps in science /laboratory workplaces, chemical stores. 

  6. Wardens - Representative, Division of Student Affairs.

Membership of the main Health & Safety Committee includes:

  • Chair Vice-Chancellor Nominee - Ms Sue Smailes

  • Executive Director: Infrastructure, Finance & Operations or Nominee - Mr Dawie van Dyk

  • GMR 2 Appointee / Machinery supervisor - t.b.a.

  • Dean elected by Deans Forum or Nominee - Dr Sagaran Abboo

  • Director of Human Resources or Nominee - Mr Cecil Peters

  • Manager of Campus Protection Unit - Mr Joel Mabaotja

  • SHE Officer - Ms Belinda Nomji

  • NEHAWU Representative or Alternate - 

  • NTEU Representative or Alternate - Mr Siya Daloyi

  • Wardens Representative or Alternate - 

  • Food Services Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Housekeeping Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Laboratory Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Maintenance Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • Office Sub-Committee Chair or Deputy

  • SRC Representative - SRC Benefits Councillor

  • Co-opted: Mr Monde Mafani 

(up to 2 persons may be co-opted by the Chairperson after consultation with the Committee)


2021 Meeting Dates of the main Health & Safety Committee:

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