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First Aid Training

In order to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993) General Safety Regulations 3, Rhodes University should have trained First Aiders on campus. Accredited first aid courses are provided by a recognised training institution - St John Ambulance Centre - 24 Hill Street, Grahamstown, tel 046 636 1650

First Aid Course Application - for RU Employees

This course is arranged by the Safety Health and Environmental Office for RU staff (see Note to Students below), not for the general public.* To attend this course, RU staff should PLEASE:

1. FIRST discuss with your Line Manager and get approval to do the course.

2. Complete and sign BOTH forms:

(a) Application for First Aid Course RU Staff AND

(b) Appointment Form RU First Aider‌ ‌(to be signed by one of the 16 2 Appointees‌) ‌[becomes valid only if applicant successfully completes the course] - once everything is signed:

    • keep the original in your safety file, 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to SHE Officer 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to your HR generalist - for your staff file in Human Resources Divion.

3. Ensure BOTH forms reach the SHE Officer safety(at)ru.ac.za 10 days before course begins.

4. RECEIVE confirmation from the SHE Officer that you have been accepted on the course.

*Members of the public should make direct contact with an accredited service provider: St John Ambulance Centre or SA Red Cross Society or SA First Aid League.

First Aid Course Info - for RU Employees

08h30-16h00 daily, at Grahamstown St John Ambulance Centre. The course culminates in an examination. On successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a Document C accredited Certificate of Competency in First Aid, which is valid for three years.

3-day course – Level 1 (sufficient for most workplaces)

Emergency Scene Management | Shock, Unconsciousness, Fainting | Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injuries | Breathing and Cardiovascular Emergencies | CPR, Choking | Severe Bleeding, Bleeding, Types of Wounds, Wound Care | Medical conditions (diabetes, convulsions, asthma, allergies) | Secondary Survey | Burns | bone and Joint Injuries -- upper limbs – fractures, muscle strains, sprains. 

4-day course – Level 2 (necessary for labs, field trips, workshops, child caring)

Includes level 1 (above) plus Multiple Casualty Management – Triage & Levels of Priority | Rescue Carries | Chest Injuries – Open and closed chest injuries | Poisoning – Swallowed, Inhaled and Contact | Eye Injuries | Heat & Cold Injuries – Hypothermia, Frost Bite, Heat Stroke, Heat Exposure | One and Two rescuer CPR | Infant CPR & Choking | Child CPR & Choking. 

5-day course – Level 3 (necessary for emergency childbirth, use of AED)

Includes levels 1 and 2 (above) plus Automated external defibrillator (AED) | Emergency Childbirth & Miscarriages. 

COURSE DATES: click here Training Dates for RU staff.

RU First Aider Responsibilities:

Staff who undergo first aid training will have the following RESPONSIBILITIES:

  1. Being a custodian of a first aid box, inspecting it on a regular basis and ensuring that the contents are maintained.
  2. Treating all first aid injuries in the workplace.*
  3. Entering all details into the first aid register. See: First Aid Box
  4. Ensuring that the content complies with requirements of General Safety Regulations Annexure. See: First Aid Box
  5. Ensuring that access to the first aid box is not obstructed.
  6. Ensuring that available first aiders’ names and contact details are prominently displayed. See RU First Aiders 
  7. Ensuring that serious injuries are reported to the line manager and to the SHE Officer. See Incidents (including Injury on Duty and Incident Report)
  8. Assisting the emergency co-ordinator in the event of an emergency. See Emergencies

*Any employee who receives first aid training through his/her workplace is required, by law, to provide first aid in a workplace emergency.


  • RU trained First Aiders will be listed online at RU First Aiders

  • All RU staff who undertake training through the University should bear in mind that they will have certain responsibilities in participating in the course.

Keep your skills current

Keep your skills current by becoming a volunteer member of the St John Brigade:

Note to RU students

Students can get First Aid training in the following ways:

  • RU First Aid Clubpaid-up student members - the club covers 40% of costs and RU Sports Admin usually pays the remaining 60%. More info: RU Societies and Clubs, and RU Sports 046 603 8366. 

  • RU Pharmacy: registered Pharmacy students must organise their own First Aid training - as a requirement of the South African Pharmacy Council. Students may join the RU First Aid Club and go on training, or go directly to any accredited first aid training service provider: St John Ambulance Centre or SA Red Cross Society or SA First Aid League.

  • RU Health Suite: covers 100% costs for the 'save a life' course - for all who work for the facility - and for the level 3 course for 10 employees who are selected. Contact: Health Suite Manager, 046 603 8367, f.munyai(at)ru.ac.za

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More Info

RU Safety, Health & Environmental Officer, 046-603.7205 or safety(at)ru.ac.za

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