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Used Fluorescent Lights

Energy saver lamps / CFLs / fluorescent lights are safe to use in your office or at home:

However, because they contain a small amount of mercury, CFLs are considered to be a form of hazardous waste. Special measures are required for the safe Disposal of CFLs. For a variety of useful links, visit http://www.affordablelamps.com/lighting-recycling-guide.html  

Rhodes University staff and students should send all used fluorescent light bulbs to the RU Electrical section for safe disposal.

In the wider community, residents may place their used fluorescent lights in specially marked containers at Pick n Pay, Peppergrove Mall. This is part of a country-wide effort by outlets to support socially and environmentally responsible disposal of certain kinds of hazardous waste.

On-campus contact: Manager, Electrical section, RU ext 8033 / 8034 / 7436; or speed dial 5079 / 5024.

Off-campus contact: Grahamstown Electrical Distributors in Hill Street; Pick 'n Pay at Pepper Grove Mall in African Street (Mr Jon Campbell, 046 636 1747, jc(at)fpnp.co.za).

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