Electronic Waste

E-waste -- also known as Electronic waste, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) -- is any kind of waste containing electronic circuits or electrically powered components, often containing relatively expensive and durable products as well as harmful materials such as brominated flame retardant (BFR) plastics and CFC foams. E-Waste includes computers, LCD / CRT screens, cooling appliances, mobile phones, and other consumer electronics.

On campus:

Rhodes University makes an effort to dispose of its e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner, such as sending it to a credible and ethical recycling company. RU staff kindly take note of the following:

Rhodes University e-waste SOP:

  1. E-waste will only be accepted on Wednesdays from 09H00 to 12H00.

  2. Please note we accept e-waste from university departments ONLY. See below for info on off-campus facilities. 

  3. Please make arrangements to have e-waste collected and delivered during the above time slot only. No e-waste will be accepted at any other time.
  4. Before sending any e-waste to the F&E Store, please ensure that all assets sent to F&E Stores as e-waste is written off.

  5. To write off an asset, please obtain an asset disposal form from Stacey Van Wyk via e-mail s.vanwyk(at)ru.ac.za or from Anton Kivitts, a.kivitts(at)ru.ac.za .

  6. Complete the asset disposal form and return the completed form to Stacey via e-mail (Stacey will submit the asset disposal forms to the Asset Disposal Committee for authorisation). 

  7. Items can be sent to F&E Stores as e-waste only once confirmation of approved disposal is received from Stacey Van Wyk. (Assets can only be disposed of once approved by Asset Disposal Committee).
  8. Make a booking with the Janitors via e-mail, janitors(at)ru.ac.za, to collect e-waste from your Department and deliver to F&E Stores or make alternative arrangements to deliver to F&E Stores.

    Please note: e-waste will only be accepted during the time slot as in Item 1 above.

  9. When making a booking with Janitors please use “E-Waste and your Department name” in the subject line of the e-mail and copy a.kivitts(at)ru.ac.za

  10. Once booking has been confirmed by Janitors, please e-mail a list of all e-waste items to Anton Kivitts a.kivitts(at)ru.ac.za. A template of the list is available from a.kivitts(at)ru.ac.za

  11. No e-waste items will be accepted if above procedure is not followed.

  12. F&E stores staff will NOT be responsible for collecting e-waste.

  13. Please note: Light bulbs, batteries, paper, printer cartridges and all chemical waste will NOT be accepted at F&E stores. Please follow the Hazmat links for info on safe disposal of these items.

You may also contact the SHE Officer on safety(at)ru.ac.za for guidance.

Off-campus facilities:

There are various options for disposing of e-waste:

  • eWaste Technologies Africa: e-waste facility at 20 Sturrock St, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth. More info: 041 502 3700,  info(at)electronicwaste.co.za

  • E-Waste Association of South Africa: lists collection points throughout South Africa.

  • Kisma Kreative: Upcycling company near Grahamstown/Makhanda that makes use of computer keyboards and mice, creatively re-using components for artwork or useful products. Contact Tracy 083-522.8932 / tracy(at)kisma.co.za or visit www.kisma.co.za to see what will happen to your keyboards and mice.

  • Recyclers: Send the non-hazardous components of your old equipment (metal casing, plastic covers, etc) to local recyclers.

It is very important to scrutinise the integrity of any service provider before sending e-waste for disposal, or even donating old computers to needy communities - view these case stories of e-waste in South Africa and e-waste in Ghana. Also visit our page on recycling computer parts.

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