Safety Monitoring at Rhodes University

Managers and HODs are responsible for ensuring that health and safety inspections take place at least ONCE A TERM - AT ANY TIME during that term (DUE DATES). The Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993) requires that health and safety in the workplace is monitored on a regular basis.

Health & Safety Inspection Reports:

  • Health & Safety Reps should use the relevant Checklist (BELOW) to complete the workplace health and safety inspection report.
  • They must consult other employees, who they represent.
  • They must discuss the report with the Manager/HOD, who must countersign the report.
  • They must keep a copy of the report in the workplace Health & Safety File (for at least 3 years).
  • They must send a copy to the SHE Officer - by email to safety(at)ru.ac.za or hand in at quarterly health and safety sub-committee meeting

   (to reduce paper use, we strongly encourage electronic submission).

DUE DATES: Term 1:  22 March | Term 2:  24 June | Term 3:  26 August | Term 4:  28 October |  

Action to deal with health and safety concerns: click on Services - to see list of contacts for maintenance/repairs at RU.

Checklists for different work areas:

Use or adapt these CHECKLISTS according to the requirements of your particular workplace. 

for RESIDENCES/WARDENS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za?

WARDENS Health n Safety Checklist? OR Google Form Checklist  [find out ?how to create a PDF????] 

for HOUSEKEEPING WORK AREAS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za?

??HOUSEKEEPING Health n Safety Checklist?

for OFFICE WORK AREAS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za

OFFICE Health n Safety Checklist?

LIBRARY Health n Safety Checklist?

for HEALTH SUITE - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za

HEALTH SUITE Health n Safety Checklist

for WORKSHOPS/MAINTENANCE/MACHINERY WORK AREAS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za

WORKSHOP Health n Safety Checklist?

GROUNDS Health n Safety Checklist?

THEATRE Health n Safety Checklist?

for KITCHENS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za 

KITCHENS Health n Safety Inspection Checklist?

for COMPUTER LABS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za:

COMPUTER LAB Health n Safety Checklist?

for SCIENCE/LABORATORY WORK AREAS - PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to safety(at)ru.ac.za

SCIENCE LAB Health n Safety Checklist??

Other checklists:  

LADDER Safety Checklist? - ALL LADDER USERS PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to your Health & Safety Rep??   

ELECTRICAL Appliances Checklist?? - ALL USERS PLEASE ALWAYS email completed form to your Health & Safety Rep?

The aim is to make these checklists as user-friendly as possible. Please send feedback to safety(at)ru.ac.za

How to Create a PDF of your Google Form:

  1. Complete all required questions in the Google Form... but do not “submit” yet!

  2. On your keyboard, press “Ctr” + “P” [= print prompt]

  3. Select “Save as PDF” [***NB: you can click the “Change” tab, to get the option to change “Destination” to “PDF” instead of your physical printer***] --> press “SAVE” --> this will create a PDF copy which you can keep on electronic file.

  4. Now you can press “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the Google Form page.

If you have any problems with this process, please contact Information & Technology Services (Dean van Heerden, ext 8308).

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