Fire Safety

Managers or heads of department (or their designees) are responsible for ensuring the following are addressed in their areas - visit the links: 

  • Reporting a fireBrief Emergency Guidelines on what to do in case of fire on campus + emergency contact numbers

  • EvacuationGuidelines on emergency evacuation planning

  • Extinguishers: Info on fire extinguishers and fire hose reels (supplied and serviced by RU Engineering)

  • AlarmsInfo on how to alert people in the building if there is a fire or other emergency

  • Fire Drills: Guidelines on conducting fire drills

  • RU Fire Marshals: List of all fire marshals on campus

  • Fire Safety Training: How to get training to become a fire marshal


An extract from the Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993), Environmental Regulations for Workplaces (1987) - retrieved February 11, 2009 :

Section 9. Fire precautions and means of egress

1. In order to expedite the evacuation of a workplace in case of fire, every employer shall ensure that -

a. any emergency escape door from any room or passage or at a staircase shall, as far as is practicable, be hung so as to open outwards;

b. every door of a room in which persons may be present, and every door of a passage or at a staircase serving as a means of exit from such room, shall be kept clear and capable of being easily and rapidly opened from inside so as to ensure quick and easy evacuation;

c. the provisions of paragraphs (a) and (b) shall also be complied with in respect of the outer escape exit from the workplace;

d. staircases and steps leading from one floor to another or to the ground shall be provided with substantial hand-rails;

e. staircases intended to be used as fire escapes shall -
i. be constructed of non-combustible material;
ii. be kept clear of any material or other obstruction; and
iii. not terminate in an enclosed area;

f. staircases, passages and exits intended for escape purposes shall be of a width and of a gradient which will facilitate the quick and safe egress of the number of persons intended to make use of them; and

g. having regard to the size, construction and location of a workplace, the number of persons, and the activity therein, such workplace is provided with at least two means of egress situated as far apart as is practicable.

2. Having regard to the size, construction and location of the workplace, and the amount and type of flammable articles uses, handled or stored on the premises, an employer shall provide on the premises an adequate supply of suitable fire-fighting equipment at strategic locations or as may be recommended by the fire chief of the local authority concerned, and such equipment shall be maintained in good working order.

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