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Major Events

Sports and Recreational Events

In line with the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2/2010, applications should be submitted to SAPS to run any large public event - in a stadium, venue, or along a route - which has the capacity to accommodate 2000 people.

  1. Application Forms for SAPS Event Risk Categorization

  2. Framework for Student-run Events and WHO to contact at RU

  3. Event Safety Plan

  4. Hosting High Profile Persons on Campus

  5. Application for Student March or Demo

  6. More info

1. Application Forms for SAPS Event Risk Categorization

The following application forms apply:

(a) SAPS 16(3) application‌: to be submitted not less than 30 days prior to the event date to (i) SAPS HQ, Major Events Nodal Point, (ii) c‌opy to Local Municipalit, and (iii) copy to local SAPS.

  • Email majoreventsnodalpoint(at)saps.gov.za or Fax 012 393 2528 

  • EnquiriesTel 012 400 6844/5637/6314 or Colonel S Mayisela 071 689 5632

  • Grahamstown SAPSTel 046 603 9248 / 074 878 0291 (Lt Col du Plooy) or go to Beaufort Street police station

  • Makana Local Municipality:

    1. Corporate Services: Email MagerEttienne(at)makana.gov.za or Fax 046 622 9488 or Tel 046 603 6024
    2. Traffic Dept: Email traffic(at)makana.gov.za or Tel 046 603 6159

(b) Section 10 ApplicationSection 10 Application‌: to be submitted if an alteration or extension to a stadium or venue‌.

2. Framework for Student-run Events

Event Safety Plan (below). The RU student organizing committee should note that the deployment of sufficiently experienced and suitable staff/personnel is of utmost importance. The following procedures must also be adhered to:

  1. SAPS permission: permission to hold a MAJOR event must be obtained from the SAPS not less than 30 days prior to the event date (see SAPS 16(3) application above). For SMALLER events, inform the local SAPS by means of a letter.

  2. Municipal permission: for gatherings on municipal property or streets, a separate application must be made to Makana Municipality at least 7 days before the event.

  3. 6 weeks prior to event:- 

    a) Division of Student Affairs permission: complete a proposal using the Event Safety Plan (belowand submit to the RU Division of Student Affairs Office. Email studentaffairs(at)ru.ac.za

    b) Safety/Events Committee approvalsubmit proposal to the RU Safety/Events committee for consideration of safety-related factors. Email the Chair: execdirector.iof(at)ru.ac.za (Executive Director of Infrastructure and Operations Division - see Services) and cc s.gangiah(at)ru.ac.za

  4. The Safety/Events Committee will invite the student organizing committee to a meeting where the proposal will be tabled, and where necessary, refer the organizing committee to the relevant administrative structure to address final logistical concerns.

  5. The Division of Student Affairs office may give approval for the event to take place, pending approval from the Safety/Events committee. The Director of Student Affairs decision is final.

3. Event Safety Plan:

In order to assist with the planning and offering of a safe and secure event, applicants must submit the following information:-

1. Detailed description of the event and who the partners/sponsors are (if any)

2. Names of the Organising Committee with titles, i.e. Chief Organiser and method of identification

3. Secured venues and times (for main function and all associated activities, e.g. dinner)

4. Communication and Marketing Plan

a. Internal
b. External
c. Press Releases

5. Venue security (before, during and after the event) for main venue and associated venues

6. Venue layout, i.e. where each category of persons will be seated

7. Proposed Date

a. Preparation time and securing of venue
b. Time for spectators to come into the venue
c. Function Time (start and end time)

8. Description of spectators or patrons

a. External Guests, ranking and numbers
b. Students
c. Staff

9. Selling of tickets

10. Catering and Liquor License

11. Security/ Access control

a. Inside
b. Outside
c. Need and role of SAPS, CPU and Traffic Department

12. Power supply- Fire Hazard-Traffic Control-Parking- First Aid-Toilets

13. Computer Technician

14. Clean up/Litter

15. Any other relevant information for the Committee’s consideration.

4. Hosting High Profile Persons on Campus

Download: Policy- High Profile Guests and Political Activity on Campus‌: follow the guidelines and procedures in this document, to avoid disruption of teaching and learning.

5. Application for Student March or Demo

Application for Student March or Demo: RU students intending to hold a march or demonstration on campus should submit this application to the Division of Student Affairs at least 2 weeks before the planned gathering Email to studentaffairs(at)ru.ac.za

6. More Info 

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