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First Aid Supplies

In all areas of Rhodes University, the warden, head or manager should ensure that an employee in their section / department / division is responsible for organising and maintaining a First Aid Box - ensuring it has the minimum contents required by the OHS Act.

The costs should be covered by each department or section's budget. Keep a First Aid Register‌ - it also serves as a record of usage.

Where to get first aid supplies 


First aid kits and replacement items supplied - once a week (Thursdays) - RU Inter-Departmental Order required:

  • RU Health Care Centre, Rhodes Avenue, tel 046 603 8523 , email healthcarecentre(at)ru.ac.za


Send RU Purchase Order for a new First Aid Kit, or for complete refill (contents only), to:

  • St John Ambulance Centre - 24 Hill Street, Grahamstown, tel 046 636 1650, email Mario.Viljoen(at)stjohn.org.za, Shanette.Waldick(at)stjohn.org.za

  • First Aid Kit St Johns - motorists, offices, food services, sporting facilities &  workshops lists & prices.


First Aid Kits (with contents) or loose items supplied - RU Purchase Order required:

  • Clicks Pharmacy, 42 High Street, tel 046-636-1264 

  • Grahamstown Pharmacy, 117 High Street, tel 046-622-7116

  • Wallaces Pharmacy, Peppergrove Mall, Allen/African Street, tel 046-622-7320

  • National First Aid Distributors, Port Elizabeth, tel 041-373.7631 /087-808.5873, fax 041-373.1867, email provincial(at)icon.co.za. See price list: National First Aid Distributors 2011.


  • Quantities should be determined by the employer, taking into account the number of employees, the nature of their work activities, and the kind of injuries that are likely to occur.

  • You could buy a school suitcase / tool box / fishing tackle box from a supermarket or hardware store, and buy the contents separately.

  • No person is allowed to dispense a medicine (e.g. headache tablets, cough mixture, any other oral medicine) unless authorised to do so under the Pharmacy Act (53 of 1974) as amended, and the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act (101 of 1965) as amended.

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