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Fire Safety Training

Managers or heads of department (or their designees) are responsible for ensuring that all occupants in their department/division/section are made aware of fire safety. 

Fire Safety Talks and DVD showings - for RU Employees

All University staff and students should be familiar with fire safety and evacuation procedures.

Basic Fire Marshal Training - for RU Employees

This course is arranged by the Safety Health and Environmental Office for RU staff who are willing to serve as RU Fire Marshals, not for the general public.* To attend this course, RU staff should PLEASE:

1. FIRST discuss with your Line Manager and get approval to do the course.

2. Complete and sign BOTH forms:

(a) Application for Fire Safety Course RU Staff AND

(b) Appointment Form RU Fire Marshal (must be signed by one of the 16(2) appointees‌) [becomes valid once applicant successfully completes the course] - once everything is signed:

    • keep the original in your safety file, 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to SHE Officer 
    • send a copy (scanned by email / or photocopy) to your HR generalist - for your staff file in Human Resources Divion.

3. Ensure BOTH forms reach the SHE Officer safety(at)ru.ac.za 10 days before course begins.

4. RECEIVE confirmation from the SHE Officer that you have been accepted on the course.

*Members of the public who wish to do fire safety courses can make contact with Makana Fire & Rescue Services or an accredited service provider such as NOSAAffsaffIntra-Safe and SA Labour Guide, amongst others.

Course Info 

Designated RU Health and Safety Reps have first option. Any employee who attends fire fighting training will be on the list of RU Fire Marshals. On successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a Certificate of Attendance. The following are covered:


  • chemistry of combustion
  • heat transmission
  • fire spread
  • classification of fires
  • cause of fire
  • fire precautions
  • fire extinguishers
  • fire equipment
  • fire safety at the workplace
  • pre-plan for fires
  • safety signs


  • use of fire extinguishers
  • use of firefighting equipment
  • practical drills
  • organising a fire team
  • evacuation procedures 


Course material:  RU Fire Marshal Intro to Fire Safety   +   RU Fire Marshal Training Handout

RU Fire Marshals shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Promoting general fire awareness and fire safety in your workplace.
  2. Familiarising yourself with the operation of fire fighting equipment in your workplace.  
  3. Checking fire fighting equipment in your workplace on a regular basis to ensure it is in working order and has been serviced. 
  4. Identifying items, equipment and areas in your workplace which may be a fire hazard.
  5. Reporting any unserviced or damaged fire fighting equipment or fire hazards to your HOD/manager/supervisor for necessary action, and to your health & safety representative for inclusion in health and safety report.
  6. Checking emergency escape routes on a regular basis to ensure they are not obstructed.
  7. In the event of a fire emergency:
  • ensure that the building Emergency Coordinator or HOD/manager is advised immediately.
  • assist in identifying the type of fire (a. solid; or b. liquid/gas; or c. electrical) to ensure that the correct method of extinguishing is used;
  • assist the building Emergency Coordinator during evacuation procedures; 
  • assist in ensuring that occupants only re-enter the building when instructed to do so by the Makana Fire Officer or building Emergency Coordinator.

Note: RU staff who undergo this training learn how to prevent fires, as well as deal with fire emergencies, safety and evacuation. However, they should never be treated as an alternative to the local Fire & Rescue Services.

All RU staff who undertake training through the University should bear in mind that they will have certain responsibilities in participating in the course. 

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More Info

RU Safety, Health & Environmental Officer, 046-603.7205 or safety(at)ru.ac.za

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