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Safety Signage

Facilities Services, in the Division of Infrastructure and Operations, makes arrangements for signage on campus. According to the South African Bureau of Standards, the following system applies to safety signage:

  • Informational: WHITE symbol/writing on GREEN (emerald) background. Example: emergency exit; first aid station.

  • Fire safety (warning): RED symbol on WHITE background. Example: fire safety equipment.

  • Danger (warning): BLACK symbol on YELLOW (golden) background. Example: flammable liquids; corrosive/unstable material; physical hazards which may cause accidents.

  • Prohibitory (regulatory): BLACK symbol on WHITE background with RED border or oblique. Example: no smoking; no entry; speed limit.

  • Mandatory (regulatory): WHITE symbol on dark BLUE (ultramarine background). Example: personal protective equipment required; waste disposal container.

Photo luminescent (glow in the dark) signs must be used indoors where poor visibility could become a problem for building occupants, e.g. staff or students work at night. If there is a power failure, it should still be possible to identify exits and find fire fighting equipment.

Safety Signs.pdf guidelines.

Requests for Signage

To ensure that signage adheres to the University's aesthetic standards, and is prepared in good time, authorised staff should contact and send an online Requisition to:

  •  Signage (15): metal or plastic signs. Queries may be directed to Jethro Christian on  j.christian(at)ru.ac.za (ext 7514).


  • Painters (9): simple spray-painted signs (applied directly to a surface, using a template): exit, running man, directional arrows. Queries may be directed to Building Maintenance on U.Lugongolo(at)ru.ac.za  (ext 8421/2).

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