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Incident Report

Health & Safety Representatives should bring incidents to the attention of their Health and Safety Committee - see Meeting dates - to discuss and make recommendations on how these can be avoided in future. This helps the institution learn from a situation and take preventative action.

Read the guidelines:

What employees should do about a workplace incident

Always report any incident/accident, even if there was no injury. Every employee should report an incident/accident as soon as possible to the supervisor/ manager/HOD, as well as to their H&S rep. 

REPORTING all INCIDENTS - any workplace incident/accident or injury:

  • Inform: The employee has a duty to inform the supervisor/ manager/HOD, as well as "a health and safety representative as soon as reasonably practicable of the occurrence of an incident in the workplace" (OHS Act, Section 13). 

  • Incident Report Form (Annexure 1): The supervisor/manager/HOD must ensure that an Incident Report (Annexure 1) is completed and a copy sent to the RU Safety Health and Environmental Officer on safety(at)ru.ac.za. Incident Report Form (Annexure 1)

NOTE: the Incident Report Form should NOT be confused with HR's Injury On Duty Supervisor Report‌ which should be submitted to HR in the event of an Injury on Duty.

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