Making Peace exhibition at Albany Museum

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Maria Sibiya of Grocott's Mail, reports:

In light of annual Heritage Month, Albany History Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum will be curating an exhibition on former State President Nelson Mandela and Chief Albert Luthuli from 21 September.

Zongezile Matshoba, Communications and Marketing Officer of Albany Museum, says thewill be showcasing the legacy of both South African political giants.

Seven historical sections that give a biographical background of the challenges faced by Mandela and Luthuli will be included in the exhibition.

These are: Luthuli's life (1898 and 1967), the Treason Trial of 1956, the armed struggle, incarceration, negotiations, the Nobel Peace Prize and Mandela's presidency.

According to Matshoba, the exhibition "explores the relationship between the two Nobel Peace Prize winners, and ANC former presidents through pictures and text".

He also says that the exhibition "strives to present another South African history that is missing both at school and tertiary level".

The travelling exhibition was initially launched by Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States of America after their peacemaking efforts were recognised by the United Nations.

The historical display also aims to show the world that "despite the difficult times that apartheid presented, two men sought peaceful ways and means of ensuring that all South Africans benefit and enjoy their country of birth," says Matshoba.

He says that these two great men gave up everything for a better and free South Africa that many of us are now enjoying.

Heritage Month acknowledges the diverse cultural aspects in South Africa such as music, history, language and performances.

Pic: Grocott's Mail Friday 18th Sept 2009