There have been occasional sightings of wild monkeys on campus. For your own health and safety, please:

  • Do not feed monkeys, litter, or leave food* where they can reach it (e.g. near an open window; in an open waste bin).

*Edible items should be disposed of securely and safely, e.g. in a ‘worm bin’ or other suitable system (ideas at Organic), or RU Kitchens - in closed bins designated for collection by pig farmers.  

  • Do not approach, corner, or try to handle a monkey,** as this could lead to ‘fright-bighting’.

**If a monkey is injured, it should only be helped if a monkey group is not close by; cover the injured monkey with a blanket/net and contact Quintus Hanhndiek at the local Dept of Environment, on 046 622 7909 (the SPCA is not allowed to deal with wild monkeys).

  •  Do not show fear, just ignore the monkey and move away calmly and quietly.

If stealing food from buildings becomes a problem, wildlife experts in the RU Zoology Dept will be consulted regarding the appropriate steps to be taken.

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