Grounds and Gardens manages waste and Recycling at Rhodes University.

RU is trying to improve its waste management practices, with the long-term goal of achieving zero waste. This requires a conscious effort on the part of staff and students to reduce their use of resources, for example, use and maintain durable metal equipment for as long as possible, and avoid unnecessary use of disposable metal items.

Wednesday on-campus facilities:

A recycling collection service was established in February 2011, in which an additional Recycling Collection Service is provided on Wednesdays (Grounds & Gardens is currently negotiating a contract with a new service provider, please bear with us while problems are ironed out). As their truck may reach your area very early, PLEASE ensure all bags are on the pavement BEFORE 9 am:

  • Put altogether in CLEAR BAG: tin/cans, all plastics /polystyrene, paper/card (flatten if possible).
  • Put on the pavement anywhere on the YELLOW ROUTE or at Yellow Points - see PDF Recycling Route Map - for collection.
  • Please do not mix these with wet/smelly items or food waste.

Recycling Containers and Bags

Glass Recycling

Off-campus facilities

Use the Makana Municipality 2-bag system (initiated 2 March 2009): place ALL recyclable materials (paper/card, glass bottles, tin/cans, all plastics /polystyrene) into an orange/clear bag for the usual garbage collection day. Non-recyclable (disposable) waste should be put out in a black bag. A 2-bag system: why?

  • Metal Master: 2 Cloncore St (near Metro Cash & Carry), Grahamstown. Open 07h30 – 18h00. More info: Butch Richardson / Len Bodill, 082 932 6844 / 046 622 3249 / butch(at) or wanstonfield(at)  

What's In? Most metal items, e.g. food tins, drink cans, bottle tops, old wire, broken tools, metal casing, etc.

What's Out? Avoid those who deal with stolen goods. It is also good to consider the people who sort through our waste: - remove wet food or items that would decompose or attract insects and rats!

Take Action

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