First Year Courses (2015)


MAT 1C is given as a one year (or two-credit) course. The first semester of the course is called MAT 1C1, the second semester MAT 1C2. Students who wish to major in certain subjects (such as Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Mathematical Statistics) must do the full one year course. Students registering for the BBusSci degree must do likewise. Students who only need one semester of first year Mathematics can do MAT 1C1 (this includes students majoring in Computer Science).

MAT 1C1 covers aspects of linear algebra and discrete mathematics as well as the differential calculus.

MAT 1C2 covers complex numbers, the integral calculus, differential equations, series and partial differentiation.

2015 Course Coordinator : Dr C.C. Remsing


MAT 1S is a one semester course, given in semester two, designed specifically for Pharmacy and the Life Sciences. It is a requirement of the Faculty of Pharmacy but is also a good optional course for students in the social and biological sciences who wish to become numerate or achieve a level of mathematical literacy.

The course includes differential and integral calculus and the uses of these in some elementary modelling situations (using elementary differential equations).

2015 Course Coordinator : Dr V Naicker

MAT 1L (Mathematics Literacy)

MAT 1L is a full year course for students who do not qualify for entry into any of the first courses mentioned above.

A successful pass in this course will give admission to MAT 1C.

2015 Course Coordinator : Mr E Matabane

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