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Functional Analysis

This is a relatively new research initiative and we would like to establish functional analysis and related topics as successful research areas in the department. The current focus of research is probabilistic limit spaces which has connections to classical functional analysis. Any potential postgraduate students should feel free to make contact if they share any interest in the research areas listed below or are involved in complimentary topics. For further information, you can make email contact: a.pinchuck@ru.ac.za

Research topics

  • Functional Analysis
  • Measure Theory
  • Generalized Topology
  • Limit Spaces
  • Probabilistic Limit groups
  • Probabilistic limit vector spaces
  • Approach spaces

Related courses at Rhodes

  • Linear Algebra (second year)
  • Real Analysis (third year)
  • Topology (Honours)
  • Functional Analysis (Honours)
  • Measure theory (Honours)

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