Members & Collaborators

Claudiu C. Remsing

Photo: C.C. Remsing (for GGC site)

Coordinator. Claudiu is interested in specific differential geometric structures (particularly on Lie groups), geometric control theory and, lately, in the geometry of control structures (in the sense of Bryant and Gardner), Cartan’s methods of equivalence and moving frames, as well as Klein and Cartan geometries (in lower dimensions). Claudiu likes classical music, philosophy and (good) wine; also, he enjoys a lot his daily walks and swimming as well as following the beautiful game of soccer (mostly in its English Premier League manifestation).

Other profiles: personal page, Google Scholar, ResearchGate


Rory Biggs

Lecturer (University of Pretoria). Rory is primarily interested in sub-Riemannian structures and control systems, especially on Lie groups. Rory enjoys fiction, cooking, wine, photography and all things digital.

Other profiles: personal pageResearchGate, OrcIDGoogle Scholar


Dennis I.  Barrett

Postdoctoral fellow. Dennis is interested in nonholonomic Riemannian geometry, sub-Riemannian geometry, and geometric control theory (particularly, invariant structures on Lie groups); and curves in homogeneous spaces (particularly, studying such curves via the Method of Moving Frames).

Other profiles: Google Scholar, ResearchGate


Catherine E.  McLean (née Bartlett)

Lecturer. Catherine is interested in invariant control systems (particularly, equivalence and classification) on the Heisenberg group and the Engel group. Catherine loves the outdoors, sport, painting, friends and family.

Other profiles: ResearchGate



Former members

Viroshan Naicker

2014-2017. Viroshan is currently a Director at North Quotient in Durban.


Ross M. Adams

PhD (2011-2014), MSc (2009-2010). Ross is currently a Consultant at Business Science Corporation (Cyest) in Johannesburg.


Helen C. Henninger

MSc (2010-2011). Helen got her PhD in (Applied) Mathematics from INRIA Sophia Antipolis (McTAO) in 2015. She is currently a research assistant in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.



Research collaborators


Giovanni Falcone

Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Università di Palermo, Italy.


Mike A. Henning

Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Johannesburg.



William Holderbaum

School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading, UK.



Péter T. Nagy

Institute of Mathematics, University of Debrecen, Hungary.
Institute of Applied Mathematics, Óbuda University, Hungary.


Olga Rossi

Department of Mathematics, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.



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