Recent Graduates

 PhD Theses

Van der Walt, Petrus Johannes (2013)

  • Title: Numerical relativity on cosmological past null cones
  • Supervisor: NT Bishop

 Stofile, Simfumene (2013)

  • Title: Fixed points of single-valued and multi-valued mappings with applications
  • Supervisors: SN Mishra (UFH), V Murali

Ngcibi, Sakhile Leonard (2005)

  • Title: Studies of equivalent fuzzy subgroups of finite abelian p-groups of rank two and their subgroup lattices
  • Supervisor: V Murali



MSc Theses

Avuya, Deyi (2022)

  • Title: Tackling deep learning models compression for medicinal plant classification.
  • Supervisor: Dr Atemkeng

Mohapi, Neo (2014)

  • Title:  A study of spherical solutions in chameleon scalar-tensor theories
  • Supervisor: J Larena

Montsho, Obakeng Johannes (2013)

  • Title: Real options evaluation for South African nuclear waste management using a fuzzy mathematical approach
  • Supervisor: V Murali

Biggs, Rory (2012)

  • Title: A study of four-dimensional oscillator groups and the associated left-invariant control affine systems
  • Supervisor: CC Remsing

Henninger, Helen Clare (2012)

  • Title: The symmetry group of a model of hyperbolic plane geometry and some associated invariant optimal control problems
  • Supervisor: CC Remsing

Adams, Ross Montague  (2011)

  • Title: A study of a class of invariant optimal control problems on the Euclidean group SE(2)
  • Supervisor: CC Remsing

Orpen, David L (2011)

  • Title: Characterization of stratified L-topological spaces by convergence of stratified L-filters (Link to full text)
  • Supervisor: G Jaeger

Redpath, Stuart F (2011)

  • Title: Universal approximation properties of feedforward artificial neural networks (Link to full text)
  • Supervisors: MH Burton, G Jaeger

Rodgerson, Joanne Kelly (2009)

  • Title: Contributions to the study of a class of optimal control problems on the matrix Lie group SO(3)
  • Supervisor: CC Remsing

Xotyeni, Zukisa Gqabi (2008)

  • Title: A study of the existence of equilibrium in mathematical economics (Link to full text)
  • Supervisors: V Murali, G Lubczonok

Craig, Andrew Philip Knott (2008)

  • Title: Lattice-valued uniform convergence spaces : the case of enriched lattices (Link to full text)
  • Supervisor: G Jaeger

Gideon, Frednard (2005)

  • Title: A study of fuzzy sets and systems with applications to group theory and decision making (Link to full text)
  • Supervisor: V Murali

Jacot-Guillarmod, Paul Frederic (2004)

  • Title: Sobriety of crisp and fuzzy topological spaces (Link to full text)
  • Supervisor: W Kotze

Pinchuck, Andrew Lawrence (2002)

  • Title: Extension theorems in L-topological spaces and L-fuzzy vector spaces (Link to full text)
  • Supervisor: W Kotze

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