Maths and Applied Maths 2 (MAM2)

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 2 is made of 2 one-semester credits, MAM 201 and MAM 202. 

MAM 201:

This first-semester credit consists of two courses:

  • Advanced Calculus:

    Partial differentiation: directional derivatives and the gradient vector; maxima and minima of surfaces; Lagrange multipliers. Multiple integrals: surface and volume integrals in general coordinate systems. Vector calculus: vector fields, line integrals, fundamental theorem of line integrals, Green's theorem, curl and divergence, parametric curves and surfaces. 

  • Ordinary Differential Equations:

    First order ordinary differential equations, linear differential equations of second order, Laplace transforms, systems of equations, series solutions.

MAM 202:

This second semester credit consists of two courses:

  • Linear Algebra:

    Linear spaces, inner products, norms. Vector spaces, spans, linear independence, basis and dimension. Linear transformations, change of basis, eigenvalues, diagonalization and its applications.

  • Introduction to analysis and algebra:

    Set theory; mappings; binary operations; equivalence relations and order; groups; real numbers; open and closed intervals; sequences and series (convergence); functions of a real variable (continuity, limit); series of functions; Taylor series.


Throughout the year, there is an an additional, assignment based, introduction to mathematical programming.

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