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Shina D Oloniiju


BSc (EKSU, Nigeria), MSc (AIMS/UCC Ghana), MSc, PhD (UKZN, South Africa)



Room 13 Maths Building (Drostdy Lodge)

(046) 603 8341


  • Complex Analysis (MAM 311): Functions of complex variables, differentiability and holomorphicity, Cauchy's theorem and Cauchy's integral formula, Taylor and Laurent series, singularity and the residue theorem.
  • Spectral Collocation Method: An honours course covering the fundamentals of spectral and pseudo-spectral methods. Mainly using monomials, Chebyshev and Lagrange polynomials as trial functions. 


Research Interests
  • Fractional Calculus
  • Numerical Analysis 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Neural Networks: approximators for DEs, FDEs, FIDEs


Honours Projects

I am happy to supervise projects in any of my research areas, particularly projects involving any/combination of these research areas. I am currently working on the hybridization of neural networks and spectral methods for approximating the solutions of DEs, integer-order and arbitrary real order, alike.

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