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Mbekezeli Nxumalo

A lecturer attending a writing retreat



Bsc Hons Physics (Cum Laude), MSc Mathematics (Cum Laude) (UWC)


Room 18a Maths Building (Drostdy Lodge)

(046) 603 7485



  • Introduction to Analysis (In MAM202): Real numbers; open and closed intervals; sequences and series (convergence); functions of a real variable (continuity, limit); series of functions; Taylor series.
  • Introduction to Category Theory: An honours course that reveals how different pure mathematics structures are related to one another. For instance, topological spaces, groups, rings and sets.

Research interests

  • General Topology
  • Pointfree Topology
  • Pointfree Rings
  • Category Theory

Honours Projects 

My research interest is in pure mathematics with topics in general topology, pointfree topology as well as pointfree rings. I use categorical notions to extend work in the mentioned topics.

Community Engagements  

I am part of Mathematics Olympiad training for township schools in Grahamstown.

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