Discrete Mathematics

Research activities:

  • (Extremal) Graph Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Mathematical Chemistry

See the webpage for more details.

Functional Analysis

The current focus of research is probabilistic limit spaces which has connections to classical functional analysis. Any potential postgraduate students should feel free to make contact if they share any interest in the research areas listed below or are involved in complimentary topics. For further information, you can make email contact: a.pinchuck@ru.ac.za.

Also see our webpage for details.

General Relativity & Cosmology

The group's research focusses on theoretical and numerical aspects of  General Relativity and Cosmology. Some more details are available on our webpage.

Geometry, Groups, & Control

See our webpage for details.

Topology and Category Theory

Research activities:

  • General Topology
  • Pointfree Topology
  • Pointfree Rings
  • Category Theory

Visit our webpage for more details.