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Masters and PhD

If you are interested in pursuing MSc, PhD (or postdoctoral) studies in this Department, you should contact the academic staff member with whom you would like to study, since we offer these qualifications by thesis only.

When you do contact a potential supervisor, please write about the topic in which you would like to pursue research, as well as your background in that topic.

The current areas of research interests in the Department are:

  • Artificial intelligence, optimization, big data, signal processing, and astronomical data analysis. (M.atemkeng)
  • Computational methods in general relativity and cosmology - in particular, gravitational radiation from black hole events. (N.T. Bishop, D. Pollney)
  • Functional analysis; measure theory. (A.L. Pinchuck)
  • General Topology, Pointfree Topology and Category Theory (Only for MSc). (M.Nxumalo)
  • Geometry; geometric control theory. (C.C. Remsing)
  • Graph Theory; Combinatorics. (E. Andriantiana)

You can find out more about the research groups in the Department here: Research

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