Environmental Reps at Rhodes University

RU Environmental Reps play an important role in promoting sustainability on campus.URGENT REMINDER: Environmental Representatives PLEASE assist Wardens with enforcing strict water-saving measures - as per the RU RESIDENCE WATER OUTAGE PROTOCOL‌!

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  1. Enviro Reps Resources
  2. Enviro Reps Support Networks
  3. Enviro Reps Leadership
  4. Enviro Reps Roles and Responsibilities

1. Enviro Reps Resources

1.1 Grab this!

1.2 To support environmental activities

a. Water-wise resources:

b. Water test kit resources:

c. Waste-wise resources:

d. Energy-wise resources:


e. Travel-wise resources:

f. Biodiversity resources:

g. Food-wise resources:


h. Worm farming:

i. Additional Sustainability Resources  [click on link]

2. Enviro Reps Support Networks

  • Enviro Reps Facebook Page: ALL Environmental Reps at RU welcome to join!
  • Enviro Reps Mailing List: a platform for keeping in touch with the SRC Environmental Councillor and for emailing useful ideas and information to each other. To subscribe, email List Administrator on enviroreps-request(at)lists.ru.ac.za

  • 3. Enviro Reps Leadership

      1. Represent the SRC on the RU Environmental Committee
      2. Engage with the University on the implementation of RU’s Environmental Sustainability Policy
      3. Co-ordinates all environmental programmes on behalf of the SRC
      4. Promotes environmental awareness within the hall system and across campus in general
      5. Promotes the incorporation of environmental issues within the curriculum by liaising with the Academic Councillor
      6. Assists students on any initiatives relating to environmental concerns

Additional sources of Guidance:

4. Enviro Reps Roles and Responsibilities

A. Promote environmental awareness and action in your res/hall.

B. Organise and oversee environmental activities in your res/hall.

Key performance measurements

  1. Promote environmental awareness and action in your res/hall throughout the year.
  2. Ensure ongoing, efficient and effective continuation of residence water-wise and waste-wise activities (see Enviro Reps Guide‌), involving all residents.
  3. Organise at least one additional environmental project (focusing on energy/sustainable travel/biodiversity/other - see Enviro Reps Guide‌) during the year, and involve residents.
  4. Involve resident in at least two environmental events on campus (see Enviro Reps Guide‌).
  5. Report on activities at House Meetings and to the SRC Environmental Councillor (see Enviro Reps Guide‌‌‌).
  6. Hand over records of res environmental activities to next Environmental Rep before November exams.

Go to the Rhodes University ENVIRONMENT front page. Suggestions/Questions? Contact environment(at)ru.ac.za

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