Grounds and Gardens manages waste and Recycling at Rhodes University.

The Paper/Card Waste Problem

  1. Z‌ero Waste - the best option in the 'waste hierarchy'.
  2. ‌Reduce unnecessary printing, packaging and waste generation.
  3. Re-use paper/card waste creatively
  4. Recycle - the last option in the 'waste hierarchy', delaying the entry of paper/card waste into the system. 

If other options for preventing waste are exhausted, it is possible to recycle most types of paper and card. Please consider the people who sort through our waste: remove wet food or items that would decompose or attract insects and rats!

Recycling contacts off-campus: accept paper/card

What's in? Most mixed paper - clean & dry - is acceptable. Flatten cardboard boxes (use less space).

What's out? Paper/card contaminated by food, metal or plastic bound material, corrugated cardboard, food containers (e.g. pizza boxes), waxed paper, waxed cardboard milk & juice containers, oil soaked paper, carbon paper, sanitary products or tissues, thermal fax paper, stickers and plastic laminated paper such as fast food wrappers, juice boxes, and pet food bags.

Paper re-use

1-sided paper: Printed paper with one clean side can be re-used for a variety of purposes.

  • Collect used A4 pages in the lid of a paper box - label with  SIGN 1-sided paper
  • Use for draft printing, or cut up to make note pads, etc.
  • You may prefer to donate 1-sided paper to needy schools through the Centre for Social Development.

Shredded paper: use a paper shredder to deal with confidential documents (feed in no more than 10 pages at a time). RU staff can:

  • Contact the Janitoring Services who manage the machine - email janitors(at) The Janitors deliver it to the University department or section, train the person who has been appointed to operate the machine, and collect the shredder again after the agreed period (e.g. 1 week).
  • Collect shredded paper in a large packing box or clear bags.
  • When full, contact:
    • SPCA: Grahamstown SPCA takes in shredded paper for bedding and litter (as well as other recycling materials - please ensure that these are clean and dry, and glass separate from the rest of the materials). Please drop off at the SPCA. More info: spcaght(at) or visit their Facebook page.
    • or a local funeral parlour - they are willing to collect large amounts of shredded paper.

Old magazines and books: Donate  to needy schools through:

Take Action

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