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At the launch of the new Library, on 4 November 2010, the Vice-Chancellor opened his speech by saying that a “vibrant and well-equipped library is an indispensable corollary for the pursuit of the core purposes of a university.” He continued on to say that the vision of those who fought for the Library to be built, and who have put so much time and effort into its realisation was this:

…to provide a high quality education and experience to students from diverse backgrounds; to push forward the frontiers of knowledge and understanding; and to continue to possess the best undergraduate pass rates, among the most outstanding postgraduate graduation rates, and among the highest per capita research outputs of any South African university.

A library is no longer only a place where books and printed material is stored. Today's Generation Y'ers are linked in to the world wide web in a way most of the rest of us find bewildering. But these young people, and those of us who take the time to explore, have access to a startling amount of information through on-line academic information resources.

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