Holds & Recalls

What can I do if another patron has checked out a book that I want?

  • We can reserve the book for you and put it on hold.

  • This means that as soon as the book is returned to the library we will put it aside and notify you by e-mail to collect it from the circulation desk on Level 1.

  • All you need to do is bring the barcode and call number of the book to an assistant at the desk.

  • A book from the main shelves can remain on hold for up to 7 days, whereas 48-hour material, including DVDs, is kept for only 2 days.

 What happens if I do not collect material that is ‘on hold’ within the allotted period?

  • The book will either be taken to the main shelves or move to the next patron in line if there are other reservations.

 What happens if I urgently need a book and I cannot wait for it to be returned on the due date?

  • You can request a recall slip at the circulation desk and fill in the details.

  • The slip can be returned to the circulation desk where the librarian will consider the reason for the recall and request that the patron who has the book return it at a date earlier than the original due date.

I placed a hold online.  How do online holds work?

  • Online holds can only be placed for books that are checked out at the time. RU patrons may not request a hold for the following material:

  1. If a book is available and NOT checked out at the time the hold is placed

  2. If the book is at another institution (for example NMMU, WSU or Fort Hare)

  3. If a book is on short loan

Does the hold reflect on my Library account?

  • Online holds are not automatically processed and therefore will not appear immediately on your library account.

  • It takes approximately 24 working hours for the librarian to process your request, and the hold will only appear on your record after the processing has taken place.

Last Modified: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 12:55:08 SAST