Cory Library

The Cory Library is at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Since the initial deposit of Sir George Cory's collections, there has been a particular focus on the history of the Eastern Cape, and on Grahamstown itself. There is a strong collection of material on Lesotho, and substantial holdings on the wider history of Southern Africa.

The Library's archival holdings include Xhosa history, mission and church history, as well as education, mining, commercial and agricultural history.

Collections include:

  • manuscripts and other documents

  • Cape and other Government publications

  • books, both rare and modern

  • periodicals and newspapers

  • maps

  • pictorial materials

  • microforms

  • video and audio recordings

  • digital records.

The manuscript and archival collections include:

  • personal documents such as diaries, autobiographies, family histories and farmers' diaries

  • institutional collections of churches, local political and non-governmental organisations, business and professional bodies, service clubs and education institutions.

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