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Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship

Information and resources to assist researchers to engage with digital scholarship and scholarly communication activities and practices throughout their research journey.

             Systematic Reviews

           Research LifeCycle & Research Data LifeCycle

           Open Access

           Digital Humanities

           Open Data

           Open Education Resources (OERs)

           Open Notebooks

           Open Peer Review

           Open Source

           Scientific Social Networks

           Citizen Science

           Self-Archiving & Citation Advantage

           Rhodes Digital Commons (Repository) for research articles

           Rhodes Digital Commons (Research Data) for research data and Open Education Resources (OERs)

           Rhodes Digital Commons (Theses & Dissertation)

           Rhodes Digital Commons (Rhodes Hosted Journals)

          Research Data & Lifecycles 

          Data Management Plans (DMPs)

          RDM Repositories

           Copyright Act

           Creative Commons Licenses

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